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How to Use Your Website During COVID-19 CORONAVIRUS

We Can Shift Any Type of Business to the Web

We are Proud to have helped non-profits, churches, restaurants, therapists and corporations to shift their business operations to assist their clients through the web.

Online Sermons

Provide the ability for your congregation to worship online

Educate Clients

Keep your clients up to date on how you plan to serve them during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Delivery & Take-out

Allow customers to order food and offer delivery and take-out options

Virtual Visits & Meetings

Conduct therapy, interviews, meetings, tutoring online

Sell Products & Services Online

Sell your products and services to consumers online
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Educate us on your overall business model, how you traditionally serve your clientele and how the web can drive revenue and enhance the experience for your customers




We will work together to design, implement and launch an online business model that will allow you to better serve your customers and drive revenue for your business




Immediately drive ROI by showcasing your brand 24/7, serve clients that you would otherwise lose to others that are adapting to an online environment and continue to evolve


in times of crisis

It isn’t uncommon to lose to site of the importance of “forward thinking” when things are going well in life and business. The individuals that take action in times of crisis, or even better, before the crisis occurs, will find themselves in a better place.

bmindfulweb will help you understand the benefits of building a genuine online presence and give you the ability to conduct business operations via the web. If you don’t have a website, you need one, if you have one, you need to make sure it can be found, if it is already being found, you need to make sure it is up to date and actually provides a service to your clients.

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Business was Great in...

Jan, Feb and Beginning of March, now is the time to evolve and adapt to your clients needs.

Whether or not the government has closed the doors of businesses, websites are literally your umbilical cord to enabling your clients to take action. Gone are the days of “Having a Good Business Location” or “People Finding You in the Yellow Pages Because Your Business Starts with an A” or “I Have a Website But it Doesn’t Show Up on Searches”.

Reality is, whether or not you have a website is irrelevant, it comes down to one simple fact; when people search for your services, does your website prominently rank in all major search engines?

We are much more than a web design and development company, we are a company that will put your business in front of the people that are looking to take action and we make it easy for them to do so.

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We will provide a free consultation, provide five (5) free hours of web design or social media marketing services with one goal in mind; helping your get business operating online as quickly as possible.