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Our work translates into awareness for your brand and revenue generation for your business.

We create powefull websites that engage your customers so they take action.

We design and develop easy to use websites that optimize efficiencies and maximize opportunities. Every client that we work with is different once their new website is live. For those that prefer to self administer their website, bmindfulweb will extensively train your staff post go-live and for those that want absolutely nothing to do with website support, changes and updates, we are here 7 days a week, nearly 24 hours a day to assist your organization.

Bottom line, we are flexible and regardless of which path you choose, we are always here to support your staff.

Engaging Landing Pages and Always Responsive (Mobile Friendly)

Did you know that regardless of industry, smart phones have now exceeded computers as the number one way websites are accessed?

At bmindfulweb, we understand the importance of a user friendly, yet crisp and genuine website for both PC’s and mobile devices. We design and develop your website to ensure your customers can access your business from anywhere at anytime making your business open 24/7, 365 days a year.

How Does the Process Work?

1. Contact us 2. We meet 3. We collaborate 4. We develop 5. We design 6. We test 7. We go live 8. Your customers engage

Reach Out to Us

We do not have sales people on staff, so whether you decide to email an inquiry or call us directly, you will speak with a creative design specialist who can answer all of your questions. We love working with clients that understand the value of their business being open 24 hours, 365 days a year.

We Meet

We will meet (possibly over a cup of coffee) to discuss the details and most importantly your goals and objectives for the your project. Our primary goal is learn about the history of your business, your culture, your target audience and your growth objectives so we can align them with proper Call to Action’s (CTA’s) for your website.

Contract is Signed

We generate proposals that thoroughly outline project objectives, the design and development process, estimated timeline for delivery, responsibilities as well as pricing terms.

Development Phase

We provide you with a wire-frame which is non-working copy of your website that will give you an opportunity to see the potential look and feel of your future website. We then request change requests to the wire-frame and begin the core development. Custom projects are unique in that the wire-frame is a “concept” and although we strive to keep it in line with the design, it isn’t always attainable. We define custom as a project that does not have a standard operating procedure in regard to development and spans well beyond a traditional website which includes; Home, About Us, Services, Contact Us and Blog pages. Traditional websites have straight forward timelines. The timeline for a custom project is always an estimate and we include verbiage in every contract that states “Timeline is Subject to Change”.

Your Website Goes Live

Once your website goes live, bmindfulweb uniquely provides each customer with a 90-day, unlimited cosmestic, content, image, etc. change period at no cost. It has been our experience that our clients require extensive changes over the first three months and that analytics reports clearly indicate what needs to be changed to optimize a website. At bmindfulweb, we decided that this critical time period should be leveraged to ensure the usability of the website and a client shouldn’t be penalized financially for the positive changes.


We do mobile design!

Mobile design is no longer a nice to have, it is a requirement.


Mobile web traffic exceeds PC

52.64% of all website traffic worldwide was generated through mobile phones.


Responsive design impacts SEO

Google has a specific algorthym and gives preference to websites that are mobile-friendly.


User friendly navigation

The layout of your website must be easy to navigate and Google looks for this.


Open & accessible 24/7

Your customers can find you, buy from you & contact you 24/7 from anywhere.


Your business is modern & relevant

You have the best product & service around, but a bad mobile site is perceived as being a digital dinosaur.

Benefits of Using bmindfulweb

We love what we do, we take passion in our work and we build websites with a Call-to-Action (CTA) and websites that drive revenue for your business.

For Large Corporations

  • Ongoing Support and Updates
  • Customized Design & Development
  • Easy to Use Backend Administration
  • Powerful Call-to-Action (CTA)
  • Ongoing SEO Services
  • Creative Digital Marketing Services

Independent Businesses

  • Ongoing Support and Updates
  • Customized Design & Development
  • We Work Within Your Budget
  • Stand Out from Your Competition
  • Organic and PPC SEO Services
  • Social Media Services

Custom Development Services

  • Software to Web Integration Projects
  • Global Launch Solutions
  • Scalable Development
  • Ongoing Consulting Services
  • Project Management
  • Timelines are Estimates

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